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Historic Brick, Paseo YMCA


Historic Brick with commemorative inscription - 1914

The 96th Anniversary of the Founding of the Negro National League

February 14, 1920 - February 2016

Own a piece of the history

It's the real deal!

Own a piece of the brick that started it all!

Notes: This auction is for an antique 1914 era Brick removed from the foundation of the Paseo YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri during its restoration. This brick became available when a section on the front of the building was removed and rebuilt 2010-2011. During the renovation a small portion of the original brick front was torn out and restored with new bricks. To the best of our knowledge, Phil S. Dixon was the only person to collect bricks prior to them being removed to the dump for this renovation. This is a limited offering of this unique item.


History: The Paseo YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri, originally opened in 1914 after Julius Rosenwald encouraged Kansas Citians to raise $80,000 toward building a new YMCA. In 1920 they met to form what would become the Negro National League and later, the Negro Leagues. In 2006, an effort was headed by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to renovate the museum, called "Thanks a Million Buck." The goal to raise a million dollars was quickly reached when John "Buck" O'Neil died in October 2006.

Negro League legacy: On Friday, February 13th & 14th, 1920, eight independent black baseball team owners, prominent black sportswriters and others gathered for a meeting at the Paseo YMCA, to create the Negro National League. The group drafted the constitution for the National Association of Colored Professional Base Ball Clubs, operating the Negro National League,

Plaque reads:

Original Brick from Historic Paseo YMCA Building

Negro National League Founding

February 13-14, 1920 - Kansas City, Missouri

“We are the ship, all else the sea.”


League President - Andrew “Rube” Foster


Kansas City Monarchs            Dayton Marcos

Chicago Giants                       Cuban Stars

St. Louis Giants                      Chicago American Giants

Detroit Stars                            Indianapolis ABC’s

Historic Brick, Paseo YMCA

  • Postage included in price.  Purchases accepted Via PayPal ONLY using debit card or credit card. No Sales Outside the USA.Item. RELIABLE SELLER WILL SHIP FAST AND WITH GREAT CARE

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