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Dixon's Negro League Greats, 1987, Complete Set

Hard to find in complete set, excellent mint, Dixon’s Negro League Greats, 1987


Nearly post-card sized set of black and white images, back of cards contains vital statistics and educational information. The 45 card set includes HOF’s: Gibson, Mendez, Paige, Bell, Foster, Leonard, Robinson, Rogan and Stearnes.  The set broke historical ground by becoming the first U.S. baseball card set produced by an African-American.  See checklist of players.



  • Samuel Hairston
  • Elander Victor Harris
  • Theodore “Ted” Trent
  • Edward Joseph Dwight
  • Jessie Williams
  • Joshua “Josh” Gibson
  • Jose De La C. Mendez
  • Joe Green
  • Robert Boyd
  • William P. Drake
  • Alfred “Army” Cooper
  • C.I. Taylor
  • Richard Whitworth
  • Tobe Smith
  • William Dismukes
  • Richard Thomas Byas
  • Hurley Allen McNair
  • Roy Partlow
  • Carroll Ray Mothell
  • John “Buck” O’Neil
  • Leroy “Satchel” Paige
  • Moses Fleetwood Walker
  • Quincy Jordan Gilmore
  • James Thomas “Cool Papa” Bell
  • Andrew “Rube” Foster
  • George Alexander Sweatt
  • Hilton Lee Smith
  • Thomas Jefferson Young
  • Chester Arthur Brewer
  • Walter Fenner “Buck” Leonard
  • Walter Lee  “Newt” Joseph
  • Eugene Walter Baker
  • Jack Roosevelt Robinson
  • Wilber “Bullet” Rogan
  • Norman “Turkey” Stearnes
  • Albert “Buster” Haywood
  • Lorenzo “Piper” Davis
  • Francisco Coimbre
  • Robert Burns Thurman
  • Booker T. McDaniel
  • Newton Henry Allen
  • Willie “Devil” Wells
  • Clifford “Connie” Johnson
  • George Franklin Giles
  • Frank Duncan

Dixon's Negro League Greats, 1987, Complete Set

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